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      The National mpus and Community Radio Association Inc./L’Association nationale de radios étudiantes et communautaires Inc. (NCRA/ANREC) in conjunction with nadian mpus and community radio stations, and the nadian music industry (record labels, distributors, independent artists, etc.)  have come together to develop the !earshot Digital Distribution System.

      !earshot-Distro is an online platform that will allow the nadian music industry to upload musil recordings to be searched, reviewed, and downloaded by mpus and community radio stations to be broadst across nada.

      The NCRA/ANREC has estimated that $870,000 to $2,000,000 is lost annually by the nadian music industry when it comes to distributing music to mpus and community radio stations. This is due to a substantial number of CDs being rejected by mpus and community radio stations due to a lack of storage space. With the implementation and usage of !earshot-Distro the NCRA/ANREC expects to reduce the cost of distributing to mpus and community radio stations by 80%, and to dramatilly increase the reach and distribution of music to mpus and community radio stations.

      !earshot-Distro is created by the NCRA/ANREC which is a small not-for-profit that represents 117 not-for-profit mpus and community radio stations, with 97 of them being licensed to a CRTC mpus and community radio station. Collectively, they represent over 54% of the entire licensed mpus and community radio sector within nada.  Our volunteer base of 15,000 work to ensure that mpus and community stations keep running, and work to promote artists from their lol communities, and across nada.

      Cost: Uploads start at $7/song or $50/Album (8-20 songs) nadian +tax.

      !earshot-Distro is currently available for nadian record labels, distributors, publishers, promoters, and independent artists (as long as you have the rights to distribute the music) to use and you n sign-up now.

      A list of nadian mpus and community radio stations that currently have access to !n be found here.